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Name: Belgium
Creator: LocArny
Climate: North American
Start Year: 1972
Difficulty: Medium
Number of AI: 4
Date Added: 2009-03-08
No. Downloads: 2257

Belgium, to play with BR set...

Game overview:

Starting date: 1972
Objective: Achieve a Performance index of 70.0 % and be the top company in 18 years. I do know if this is realistic, this is my first scenario.
Climate: North American without snow, just chose one without snow

Recommanded files:

[url=]BR Set of MajorDuck and Illegal_Alien[/url]

[url=]NL pack[/url] or [url=]NS pack[/url]


Required files:

[url=]Steve's Earth slopes[/url]

Screenshot 1: Belgium1.jpg