About this website

This site is dedicated to hosting the scenarios, objects and tools with you can add to Chris Sawyer's Locomotion, making it much more fun to play! If you have made a scenario for the game via the in-game editor, you can upload it and after a quick test by one of our admins, we'll host it for you, allowing gamers around the world to download and play on your fabulous creation.

Gamers have also found ways to add new objects to Locomotion, such as new trains, new stations, pretty much everything found in Locomotion can be added to via some third party tools. If you fancy modifying an exist object or creating your own, we can offer support on our forums and then you can get your file hosted on the site, spreading your work to other players.

To help you choose between all the files, we allow up to 3 screenshots to be uploaded per file. Now you can see the product before you download, saving your precious bandwith and if you have something to contribute, leave a comment on our easy to use system. The search system will allow you to search for objects in the main categories greating increasing your chances of finding an object you want to use!

If you are not happy with our service here or wish to leave us a nice comment or suggestion, please contact us via the Contact page and we'll be sure to respond as soon as possible. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay!

This site is fully coded and maintained by Stephen Brandwood A.K.A Steve.

About The Locomotion Depot Network

The Locomotion Depot Network is a group of sites held on the same server, with a common purpose. To spread information about Chris Sawyer's Locomotion to the community. As well as general information, it holds tutorials, screenshots and user made scenarios and objects. It also contains a large section on how to create your own objects in Locomotion. The members of the Locomotion Depot Network include:

http://www.locomotiondepot.net - The main Locomotion Depot site, containing the general information about Locomotion and being a portal to the other members.

http://www.tt-forums.net/ - The Locomotion section on The Transport Tycoon Forums. This is where users wishing to create custom objects can ask questions about the methods and share their work.

http://wiki.locomotiondepot.net - The Locomotion Depot Wiki. The Wiki contains all the user submitted data on the technical details of creating your own objects for Locomotion.

http://cache.locomotiondepot.net - Steve's Locomotion Cache. This site is the newest edition to the network and designed to be a place for the members of the Locomotion community to share their work. Any user-made scenarios or objects are welcome to be hosted on this website.