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Offical Atari Locomotion Website

Scenario Links

Landscape Generator
This tool allows the creation of Locomotion landscapes from a greyscale bitmap file, showing the heights of the landscape. It is very useful for creating maps of actual world locations using maps. Also see this forum thread, for further information.

Object Links

LocoTool is used to decode the .DAT files that come with Locomotion into an editable format. The object can then be easily edited using a text editor and encoded back into a .DAT file, which is simply placed into the Locomotion Folder and available for use in game.

Other Locomotion Communities

Transport Tycoon Forums
Locomotion-UK Forums (German)
Russian TTD and Locomotion Community


You may have noticed a lack of links on this page. This is mainly due to my laziness. If you have made a useful program that helps make a scenario, displays interesting things about Locomotion, or anything else you think is related. Please contact us via the contact page in the left menu with your link and we'll add it to the list.


Thanks to Severous for submitting links to the site and his general helpfulness.