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Name: Highways & Biways 2
Creator: Quickshot14
Climate: North American
Start Year: 1982
Difficulty: Medium
Number of AI: 3
Date Added: 2005-08-27
No. Downloads: 3644

There is now 3 highways and 2 thorughfares in this version. There are 70 towns as well. Also I have added 4 'new' vechilces in this as well.

I'm not very good at gfx so theres using the same gfx as the vechiles there based off of. As before the landscape file is included with the scernio. I also included a scernio that does not have any AI Comptators for Multiplay or just singleplay fun.

Screenshot 1: Highways21.jpg
Screenshot 2: Highways22.jpg
Screenshot 3: Highways23.jpg