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Name: LocoTrains TGV Pack (Non-supported version)
Creator: Illegal_Alien
Category: Sets
Date Added: 2005-06-08
No. Downloads: 4795

Do you ever wanted to see the; TGV Atlantique, TGV Paris-Sud est, TGV La Poste and the TGV Duplex in your game? No this is your change! This pack was one of the first MSTS to Locomotion converted packs of LocoTrains. This set wont be updated anymore, and has no support anymore. The LocoTrains Highspeed Pack, should contain the TGV`s (New graphics) and other HST`s like the German ICE. For more information about this: www.scorpiondesign.nl/locotrains

Download: LocoTrains_TGV.zip
Screenshot 1: LocoTrains_TGV1.jpg