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Name: Early Days of Aviation
Creator: severous
Climate: North American
Start Year: 1920
Difficulty: Easy
Number of AI: 10
Date Added: 2005-05-22
No. Downloads: 2652

It's just after WW1. You have a plane that looks like it might have been one of the first bombers. Its peacetime now...4 passengers is its load.

Deliver 200 passengers in 2 years and be in the top three companies.

The vehcile mix and what you and the AI are allowed is very restricted. dont worry about the 10 aggressive and intelligent AI building railroads all over the place. They cant...but do watch what they are up to. You need to be in the top three.

No Mods of any kind required.

Main challenge in this easy those pennies.

Screenshot 1: DaysOfAviation1.png