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Name: Mars
Creator: BrianWilgus
Climate: Desert
Start Year: 2025
Difficulty: Challenging
Number of AI: 4
Date Added: 2004-10-09
No. Downloads: 3385

The topography is made from actual Martian topography in the Southeast Loire Valley ( Map MTM-15/337. Five cities exist on the map in the largest craters to provide protection from meteors. Industries include: Coal, Ore, Steel, Factories, Oil, Chemicals and Refineries. Of course you should also build bullet trains and connect the people of the cities together. 4 AI are set to the highest difficulty. In play testing I found the AI either gets involved early or never builds anything. A separate no-AI scenario will be released also.

The scenario is rated challenging. Materials are very far apart and scarce. The extreme changes in elevation of the craters should provide a very interesting challenge. You've got 70 years before the scenario ends and a lot of networks to build. Money is tight. And you can only build Trains and Trams (remember there is very little atmosphere). Good Luck!

Screenshot 1: Mars1.png