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Name: Splattered Island
Creator: GoobeMaster
Climate: British
Start Year: 1900
Difficulty: Challenging
Number of AI: 6
Date Added: 2013-01-03
No. Downloads: 1993


Your goal is to achieve an outstanding 90% performance index in unlimited time, and be withing the top 3 companies. Compete against 6 computer player with random personalities. Map starts in 1900 to further increase the challenge.

The heightmap was created initially with my homegrown generator program. Then - just because of fun - I applied a \"weave\" effect on it :)

This map is only for tough guys! 6-8 hilly region, uneven coastlines, almost no flats, totally random town/industry placement. Industry is rare anyways.

Good luck!

Screenshot 1: Splattered_Isla1.jpg